Friday, May 12, 2006

Missing the boat?

For some reason, it took me a while to see the movie "Ghost World" when it came out. Of course, it didn't immediately come to the indie-challenged Greenville SC. But I didn't even run out to pick up the DVD.

When a friend lent me her copy, I watched it and was surprised how little I liked the critically acclaimed film. I won't spend time on a scene-by-scene deconstruction, but the filmmakers' (writer Daniel Clowes and director Terry Zwigoff) view of human nature seemed very sour to me. I didn't even buy the inciting incident, when the two heroines (Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson) decide not to go to college. Teens who don't fit in WANT to get out of their humdrum life and meet others like them Terry; they don't work concessiona at a multiplex.

I mention it because I'm reviewing the new Zwigoff/Clowes effort, "Art School Confidential." We finally have a place that is showing some of these "alternative" movies. I'll let you know next week.....

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