Friday, January 05, 2007


Year-end lists of the worst movies in a given year tend to focus on ambitious failures rather than movies that are just badly made. Critics who see Hollywood junk by the week all year no doubt don't want to revisit the worst of the worst.

So what was the worst movie I saw in 2006? And the finalists are:

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  • I wasn't too high on V for Vendetta (d. James McTeigue), the Wachowski brothers' tale of a masked terrorist (Hugo Weaving) and beautiful buzz-cut female sidekick (Natalie Portman) who topple a totalitarian English government. Though the bald Natalie Portman factor was a plus for me, V for Vendetta is morally ambiguous to say the least. In the Wachowski brothers' world, there's good terrorism and there's bad terrorism. Also, I really got sick of that mask.

  • The "comedy" Employee of the Month imagines a world where working at a Wal Mart-style store is a perfectly acceptable career goal. A slacker (Dane Cook) tries to change his ways to impress a girl (Jessica Simpson) who reportedly digs Employees of the Month. Bad acting, no laughs, and a paean to big-box, soulless, superstores. Memo to director Greg Coolidge: hire some trained actors next time.

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    But the unwatchable, senseless, what-the-hell-were-they-thinking winner of the worst film of 2006 is Neil LaBute's The Wicker Man. A piece of misogynistic nonsense that somehow managed to entice several name actors (Why,Molly Parker, Why?), The Wicker Man was the most excruciating time I had at the movies in 2006.
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