Monday, March 05, 2007

Foreign film blahs

Jonathan Rosenbaum on foreign films and the Oscars (this is the same post where he says he hasn't seen The Departed):

And why is it that on a relatively well-managed, intelligently orchestrated show almost every time world cinema was evoked it had to be alluded to only in relation to tearjerkers and the most egregiously banal cliches? I’m speaking more of the montages than of the awarding of an Oscar to The Lives of Others, a film already understandably tweaked by Pat Graham in a recent post (even though I recently made it a Critic's Choice), but the same overall principle might be said to apply to both: tears, kids, madonnas, and wistful, impotent smiles are apparently supposed to constitute the sum of what we’re supposed to get from the world’s collective cinematic wisdom.

Aren't the foreign language films that play in the States the ones that distributors think will make the most money? The ones with "tears, kids....," etc. ?

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