Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Seen Scene 4 - Imagine Me & You

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In Imagine Me & You (2005, d. Ol Parker), Piper Perabo plays Rachel. While walking up the aisle on her wedding day Rachel catches a glimpse of and instantly falls for Luce (Lena Headey, at left in above pic),her (conveniently lesbian) florist. It's an impeccably British comedy; everyone's very polite (Rachel and Luce's unseen consumation of their love occurs after the movie's over) and sophisticiated and the film ends (a la Notting Hill) with a mismatched group of people chasing someone down in a car.

The words "gay" and "lesbian" barely occur in Imagine Me & You, Rachel's sexuality is presented as something unexpected and organic rather than political. Contrast this approach to this week's episode of The L Word, in which Alice (Leisha Hailey) and her friends sit around and explain lesbianism to a recently dumped-for-another-woman husband (Bruce Davison). Homosexuality on The L Word is a retreat into a subculture; you leave at your peril, as Tina (Laurel Holloman) has discovered this season.

Both Imagine Me & You and The L Word are fantasies of course, but one seems rooted in an (admittedly glammed-up) version of psychologically valid experience while the other is preaching to the converted. Headey plays a Queen this week in 300, while we can only hope Matthew Goode (Rachel's husband, also dumped in Match Point) will one day get the girl.

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