Thursday, March 22, 2007

Two links...

....found on Cinematical:

  • An L.A. weekly follow-up to the Julie Taymor vs. Joe Roth fight about Across the Universe. Taymor is apparently a (very talented) prima donna.

  • A Sydney Morning Herald chat with Steven Soderbergh about Ocean's Thirteen, future projects, his next "day-and-date" film after Bubble (high-end call girls!), and digital projection. A sample:

    "The opportunities for theatre owners to expand what they're able to do and show will counteract a lot of the things that I think they're afraid of right now," he says. "Once everybody goes digital, you're going to have theatres that are able to program very personal calendars. You can decide there are a whole generation of filmgoers who haven't seen The Godfather on the big screen.

    "You call Paramount, they put it on a server and that Friday and Saturday, it's 'one weekend only - The Godfather: Part I and Part II' in your theatre. It costs nothing.
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