Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Will this movie be good?

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Reign Over Me is the story of a man (Adam Sandler) dealing with the 9/11 deaths of his wife & kids with the help of an old college roommate (Don Cheadle). The film is written and directed by Mike Binder, whose last film was the minor hit The Upside of Anger.

Anger got a lot of good buzz because of boozy comic performances from Joan Allen and Kevin Costner, but it's an uneven film. Binder hogs the camera by playing a radio producer who has an affair with Allen's teenage daughter (Erika Christensen) and the always valuable Evan Rachel Wood was wasted. Since Reign Over Me is grounded in a real world event, there's the potential for a maudlin mess or a sensitively observed drama. Binder also was the brains behind the awful HBO show The Mind of the Married Man, so my money is leaning towards the former.


Jeremy Roush said...

Its a very good movie.

Simon Crowe said...

IMDB tells me you're the editor of Reign Over Me, so I'll consider that a qualified endorsement. If my expectations are exceeded it will definitely be announced here.