Monday, April 30, 2007

"I haven't yet been able to pump out a teen drama."

Darren Aronofsky in The Guardian on his new screenplay, Rachel Weisz, and the tortured production history of The Fountain:

The first few times the project fell apart were down to humdrum financial reasons. Fortunately, the casting of Brad Pitt in the lead role ensured that most obstacles could be overcome. Except, that is, for Pitt's decision to bail on the film in 2002, weeks before shooting began. "I didn't see it coming," Aronofsky says, simply and quietly. Press reports cited creative differences, but he blames the way the production was structured. "I had been prepping in Australia for six months, on and off. They send films over there to save money, but you end up being thousands of miles apart from your team. Whispers started that might've created fear and doubt. Creatively, the film was always what it was. You either take that risk and do something that's 'out there', or you don't." Perhaps you read that as a polite way of calling Brad Pitt a coward, perhaps not.

(Link from Cinematical)

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