Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seen Scene 6 - The Baxter

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There isn't enough of Michelle Williams in Michael Showalter's The Baxter. This slightly too clever romantic comedy is the story of Elliot (Showalter) an accountant and self-proclaimed "Baxter." A Baxter is the kind of guy who doesn't get the girl in a romantic comedy (see Mulroney, Dermot - filmography).

Elliot fancies himself a Baxter until he meets Caroline (Elizabeth Banks), a client who falls for him almost too quickly. An engagement is announced. Meanwhile he's getting advice from sweet-natured Cecil (Williams), a temp in his office who thinks he should take more chances. Cecil appears to have been beamed in from a New Yorker short story, wearing her hair in a kind of neo-1920s style and just awkward enough to capture Elliot's attention.

Cecil eventually spends a non-sexual night in Elliot's apartment disrupted by the arrival of Caroline and a wedding planner (Peter Dinklage). Forced to hide on Elliot's bed, Wiliams pulls off some physical comedy to avoid being seen and thereby seals her place in Elliot's heart. The ending of The Baxter involves an ex-boyfriend of Caroline's (Justin Theroux) and will surprise no one, but it's further proof of who the most talented Dawson's Creek alum is.

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