Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've been tagged

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMy friend at Talking Moviezzz has graciously named me a "Thinking Blogger," the details of which you can read here. Not wishing to disappoint a frequent reader & commenter, I take up his challenge to name the blogs I keep returning to for analysis, entertainment, and insight:

  • One Letter at a Time - My friend Jason is both better-read and in possession of a better DVD library than I am, how could I not be impressed? Most of Jason's posts are literary in theme, and I turn to him when I get tired of writing and thinking about Jessica Alba, weekly box office numbers, or why people talk in movie theaters.

  • House Next Door - We all know this one, but I mention it because of the willingness of Matt Zoller Seitz and other writers to engage in back-and-forth with readers via the comments section. This leads to spirited debate, especially on whatever episodic TV show is most provocative at the moment. There's a great appreciation for TV as an art form here. (Deadwood, Lost, and The Sopranos being particular favorites)

  • The Daily Dish - Anti-Bush gay Christian conservative Andrew Sullivan on politics, Iraq, gay rights, religion, conservatism, and where they all intersect.

  • Chloe Veltman - Just discovered this one recently. A San Francisco blogger spends time writing about all things theatrical. This is close to my heart because theater is what I spend most of my time thinking about when I'm not here writing about movies.

  • Critical Mass - The official blog of the National Book Critics Circle. Critics campaign for their own relevance!

    If there's one thing I can take from this selection it's that I tend to go for the big name blogs at the expense of many, many people doing good work out there in all subjects. Keep blogging and being active on other sites, and we'll find each other.
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    Jason Comerford said...

    Aww, gee, thanks for the plug. Hope your NYC visit is kicking arse.