Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shield stuff

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGood appreciation of The Shield, both last night's Season 6 finale and the show as a whole. I'm still impressed by how events that transpired early in the show's run are still resonating in these late seasons. Vic's murder of another cop in the pilot led to Shane killing Lem; it created a spirit of "this is how we deal with things."

This season the "San Marcos" mass murder and Vic's quest to save his badge got tied together with Acevedo's political career and the Acevedo rape storyline from Season 3. Of course, Shane's alliance with the Armenian mob brought up the gang's robbery of the money train. I wondered if the choice to sign on with the Armenians was smart, but I guess Shane didn't have many choices. If only they could find a way to work in Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker next season. The shaky Acevedo-Vic allaince promises lots of fireworks in the show's final season next year. (NY Times)

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