Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The state of No on 8

More evidence of screw-ups in the No on 8 campaign. No one seems to have reached out to the African-American LGBT community.(Two Down, 48 To Go)

Q:Did you go to the Gay and Lesbian Center, did you go to California Equality…

A:All of the above. And Let Freedom Ring. We were approached basically to kind of showcase some of the couples especially when the courts permitted same-sex marriage. We were immediately approached, “do you have any couples who are going to get married?” However, they were looking for mixed couples, they weren’t looking for African-American couples, from the message that was provided to me. So it wasn’t a real attempt to get us involved in the marketing process, or also kind of going into our communities and canvassing and trying to educate our community on the issues of Prop 8.

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