Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dept. of New Band Bloggery

This is the way to write about bands one is hearing for the first time. (TAS)

Brief note on two bands.

An old friend of mine — he was one of these older, cooler guys who would hang around and dispense wisdom — is also a really brilliant musician, and a while ago he started playing semi-regularly with Zach Condon, the Generation Z genius behind Beirut. (I was thinking: Condon dropped out of high school. By celebrating Condon, do we celebrate dropping out of high school. I don’t think so. But what if a generation of youths dropped out of high school to become eccentric multi-instrumentalists obsessed with the musical traditions of the shtetl? This would be a new and pressing social problem that I don’t think we’re fully prepared to tackle, which is why I’ve called for $50 billion of stimulus money to address this looming crisis.)

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