Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fonda Blog

Jane Fonda is blogging about returning to Broadway for the first time in over forty years .

Back to rehearsals: Tech is really tiring. Not sure why because it’s a lot of standing around. Maybe it’s standing for so long under the lights. It is, however, a swell way to practice lines and moves and even new ideas.

It’s also the first time Moises is seeing us all in costume, on the set and under the lights, so there’s a lot of wardrobe trials and errors. David Woolard (who’s doing my clothes) and I are really in sync. I feel very comfortable with the look that we are evolving for Dr. Brant (me)—stylish but not too; academic but with an edge. Diane Wash, our classical pianist, walked by this afternoon and said, “That’s great, Jane…a ballsy musicologist.” I think she meant I looked strong which is how it should be. Speaking of Diane, can I tell you what a treat it is to be privy to a private concert everyday as she warms up at the gorgeous Steinway?

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