Thursday, March 05, 2009

Buzz buzz

Wow, the expectations for Watchmen are being lowered in certain circles of the critical community. Should a property this beloved have been filmed at all, and if so should the adaptation have been so slavish? I like this list of five reasons we should whisper "no." (Spout)

Many smart cinephiles and comic book geeks will avoid watching Watchmen this weekend. Not to avoid the crowds of opening weekend, and not to patiently await word of mouth from friends and reactions from critics. No, these bright few will ignore the out-of-season blockbuster event because there is absolutely no reason to see this movie. They recognize that any Watchmen adaptation (particularly this one that’s been made) is completely unnecessary. Well, for anyone not out to profit from it, anyway. Of course, even Warner Bros. might have been better off not producing the thing, since the studio won’t be making as much money as it had initially envisioned thanks to that profit-participation settlement with Fox.

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