Monday, March 23, 2009

I Love You, Man

What's most offensive about the disappointingly unfunny I Love You, Man is the notion that men are just geeky, awkward children looking for a bigger stage to play on. Yes, Paul Rudd works hard and gives a funny performance as the malaprop-prone realtor looking for a best man at the urging of his fiance (Rashida Jones). Rudd has nothing to play against since Jones is given nothing to do but be generically sweet and Jason Segel (as the flaky Rush fan who crashes Peter's open house and becomes his running buddy) is resolutely one-note. It's all buried in a mass of lowbrow jokes and a celebrity cameo from Lou Ferrigno that never goes anywhere. As much as I've enjoyed the Judd Apatow films I've thought they were somewhat overanalyzed and overpraised, but he does find nuggets of humanity in his characters that are absent in this knockoff. Good comedy still needs a bit of drama at its heart; in I Love You, Man the premise is so weak and the narrative so uncompelling that Rudd's Role Models seems like a Woody Allen movie by comparison.

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