Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lost in trans....you know the rest

I haven't caught Let The Right One In on DVD yet, but this post about alterations to the film's subtitles for home video release makes me wish I'd had a chance to see it in theaters. (Icons of Fright)

About 20 minutes into the screening, I was absolutely horrified.

The subtitles had been drastically changed since the last time I saw it, and dare I say... had been completely dumbed down? Sure, the basic gist of what the characters were saying was kind of there, but missing completely was the dark humor, subtleties and character nuances which made the movie so powerful and a favorite amongst audiences last year. I tried to carry on and ignore it, hoping that only a few of the translations were off... but... I was wrong. Just about the intent of every single line of dialogue was completely off and ruined the movie.

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Heike Sorenson said...

It is actually a more accurate and literal translation of the film. Nothing's been lost. No need to get upset!