Thursday, April 16, 2009

De La Decades

A two part oral history of the making of De La Soul's 3 Feet High And Rising,which turns 20 this year. This is what they sounded like in 1989 on the Arsenio Hall show. (HipHop)

Posdnous (De La Soul): We were the same kids who had every Kool G Rap album, every Rakim song, all the early Juice Crew stuff. We loved Run-DMC, knew every lyric to Criminal Minded. We were just fans of the music. Whatever was out at that time, that's what we were on, hardcore or not. But regardless of what we were into, we always were all about what we were gonna do when we ever got the chance to get out there. It wasn't like we thought to ourselves, 'We're gonna try our best and make sure we come out as different as possible from what's out,' it's just that it was the natural way how we were. We had the funk and soul from Mase's side, the calypso and soul from Dave's side, and my father's jazz and blues and soul and gospel side, and we just put that all together with our own influences.

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