Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dept. of Social Networking Freak Outs #2

From the NYT, a classist diatribe against the use of Twitter. If you're Twittering or know how many Facebook friends you have, it's apparently because you have no chance of ever making anything out of your life.

The implications of Sterling’s idea are painful for Twitter types. The connections that feel like wealth to many of us — call us the impoverished, we who treasure our smartphones and tally our Facebook friends — are in fact meager, more meager even than inflated dollars. What’s worse, these connections are liabilities that we pretend are assets. We live on the Web in these hideous conditions of overcrowding only because — it suddenly seems so obvious — we can’t afford privacy. And then, lest we confront our horror, we call this cramped ghetto our happy home!

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