Thursday, April 09, 2009

Facebook is now friends with ads

A Facebook executive dresses up the company's ad-related strategy in lots of fancy tech speak and maybe accidentally reveals what that redesign was all about. (Rough Type)

Because the realtime stream broadcasts all interpersonal communications among the members of one's "active network," Sandberg says, it leads to "greater connectedness" across the network, which also greatly expands "the ability for people to influence one another with more speed and efficiency." By "people," Sandberg means, of course, "advertisers." She explains: "Our Engagement Ads on the home page allow you to take common activities like commenting, RSVPing for an event or giving a virtual gift directly in the ad. If any of your friends have already taken an action, that appears in the ad as well. We've found that interaction with those ads increases 50 percent when someone sees a friend's action, such as a comment."

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