Friday, July 31, 2009

How not to make a sequel

You're a movie studio with a hot property that fans feel an intense sense of ownership towards. How do you handle it? What you don't do is screw around with casting halfway through the series. Twilight doesn't exactly keep me awake at night, but how transparent is Summit's decision to insert Bryce Dallas Howard into a role played by a lesser known actress? (Also,I haven't read the books, but raise your hand if you think the director of American Pie will make a better film than Catherine Hardwicke.) I can't believe I'm quoting Nikki Finke, but:

Here's the problem: once a studio lets the fans into the filmmaking process, it's impossible to keep them out. And that's been the situation with Summit and its lucrative Twilight Saga franchise from the start. The studio courted the Twilight fans ever since Summit saw 1,500 Twilighters lined to meet Stephenie Meyer at a book-signing in Pasadena. It's why Summit made the vampire romance into a movie when Paramount passed. It's why the first film in what was to become the studio's uber-valuable franchise succeeded. But then things got hinky.

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