Monday, July 27, 2009

Opening night

I'd had my issues with Terry Teachout in the past, but having experienced what's described here (on a somewhat smaller scale) I can't help linking to his account of an apparently successful opening of his opera The Letter. (About Last Night)

Once I got on stage, I looked to my left and saw the cast lined up, their faces glowing. I hugged Mika Shigematsu and Paul hugged Pat, whose hands I clasped tightly. I was about to start embracing the other cast members when I realized that the audience was still applauding. My God, I've got to take a bow right now! I thought, and stepped to center stage, standing to Paul's left. I looked out at the audience and saw nothing but a bottomless pit of blackness. The stage lights were so bright that I couldn't see beyond the edge of the orchestra pit. I knew that the audience was clapping, but I felt as though I were hearing them from under water. I sensed that Paul was bowing, so I did the same thing, bending almost double at the waist. Was that bow deep enough? I asked myself. Did it look all right?

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