Friday, August 28, 2009

House of D-constructed

An interview with David Duchovny. What was the deal with his 2004 directorial debut House of D? (AV Club)

DD: I had this script called Yoga Man, which was really a ’70s-style script about an anti-hero, pretty much like Shampoo in a yoga studio. And I was working with an acting coach named Larry Moss, preparing to do a role that I never did in a movie that hasn’t been made yet, but which I’d still like to make someday. And Larry had seen an episode of The X-Files that I wrote and directed, and he said, “You know, you should have your agent send that episode out to everybody, because this is what you should be doing, you should be writing and directing. What have you got? What do you want to write and direct?” I gave Yoga Man to him, and the next week, we got together and he said, “Well, this is good, but I think you have better. Is there anything else that interests you?” And I told him I had these ideas about a story that takes place in New York in the ’70s. Basically the image that kept sticking in my mind was a fairy-tale image of a boy who doesn’t have an adult to talk to, because he’s lost his father, can’t reach his mother, and so he’s talking to a woman out of sight, pretty much like Rapunzel or something, stuck up in a tower. And it all takes place around the Women’s House Of Detention, which was an actual tower in an actual city, as unreal as that may seem.

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