Monday, August 24, 2009

I like Michael Cera but...

...I'm breaking from my usual policy of not discussing trailers to mention the trailer for his next film Youth In Revolt, coming this fall. I'm reading the novel (by C.D. Payne) on which the movie is based; it's 500 pages long, the main character is a not especially funny 14-year old, and at least half the book is about masturbation. I think Cera has been very lucky so far in finding material suited to him, but if he plays this one the way he played George Michael then Youth In Revolt could be a bomb. I'm particularly curious to know what sort of offhand wisecrack Cera's character Nick Twisp will utter in the scene where he's spanked by his horse's ass of a stepfather. Nick does some things in Youth In Revolt that it's pretty hard to imagine "Michael Cera" the screen persona doing. Will the actor adjust to the material or has the material been reshaped to the star?

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