Friday, August 28, 2009

If I lived in New York...

...would I be one of these people? (JVNY/photo by Jeremiah Moss)

As we moved further along the J line, the locals became understandably less amused. The racial and socioeconomic divide became starker. At Broadway Junction in East New York, we stepped out to a quiet elevated platform, intervening with a different reality. The group of mostly white partiers clumped together, away from the mostly black neighborhood people waiting for trains.

One of the singers struck up his band to sing "The Lady Is a Tramp," announcing, "This song is about how money's not important!"

A man said to a group of partiers, saying with a bemused smile, "This is not the stop to be doing this kind of thing. Don't you know where you're at?"

"We're in Brooklyn," said the partiers.

"This is not a good stop," he said. "Don't you think if you were here all alone, you'd be mugged right now?"

"I don't believe that," said the partiers.

"Believe it. You don't know where you're at."

"Yes, we do," said the partiers, "This is our train, too. We ride this train every day."

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