Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stuff that could only have happened before Facebook

Band pranks New Yorker about Pynchon; now admits truth. (ArtsBeat)

In the mid-’90s, Mr. Pynchon also picked up some indie-rock credibility when he wrote the liner notes to “Nobody’s Cool,” the second album from the New York band Lotion. The story of how Mr. Pynchon came to be a Lotion fanatic was spelled out in “Godzilla Meets Indie Rockers,” a Talk of the Town article in the June 24, 1996, issue of The New Yorker. Andrew Essex, then a New Yorker staffer, reported these details: that Mr. Pynchon had spoken to the band after a concert at a Cincinnati laundromat/rock club; that he wore a Godzilla T-shirt; that he only used cash to pay for meals; that he didn’t identify himself until much later, when he saw, backstage, a copy of one of his books.

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