Thursday, September 17, 2009


I don't agree with NP's views on the inclusion of Tel Aviv in the "City to City" program at the Toronto Film Festival. Reasonable people can disagree of course, but I'm less OK with this:

"Also there's so much dissent in Israeli and Palestinian art, and that's part of the spotlight. I wonder - because those people [who signed the protest letter], I respect their work - I wonder if they hastily signed that, because it seems not well thought through."

It's fine to fight for one's own views fervently, but to impugn the motives of others without any justification seems beneath someone of NP's education and (usual) dignity. Even though I thought some of NP's statements about the political themes in V for Vendetta were pretty naive, I never questioned the sincerity or seriousness with which she expressed them.

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