Thursday, October 01, 2009

An artist grows in Brooklyn

How singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten made it to the big city. (Microphone Memory Emotion)

Singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten may be an example–to paraphrase Maya Angelou’s book—of why the caged bird sings. When she was living in Tennessee a couple of years ago, an old boyfriend wasn’t supportive of her musical endeavors. As a result Van Etten would have to perform her music when he was away.

“It was kind of a rough time in my life,” Van Etten remembers. “I would go to a bar and get whiskey drunk and get enough courage to play [the open mikes].”

Fast forward to today. Van Etten lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and is now comfortable front and center as an indie folk songwriter and performer. This past summer she released her full-length debut album, the haunting and ethereal-sounding Because I Was In Love.

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