Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wild Things redux

A critic sees Where The Wild Things Are a second time and doesn't like it any better. I disagree and offer Kenny's post as further evidence that part of the negative reaction to the film is motivated by a completely irrational hatred of Dave Eggers. (Auteurs)

When Eggers' McSweeney's periodical first began appearing, various critics noted its antic, iconoclastic, often snarky tone, and in some cases came to the horrified conclusion that Eggers and his claque didn't believe in anything. The thing is, he/they actually believed in plenty, that plenty often having something to do with childlike "wonder" and an eschewal of critical thinking. And when they did choose to tell you about something they believed in, they wanted to make sure that you understood that their sincerity in this regard was in fact almost painful. And what were YOU going to counter that with, huh?

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