Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fantasist of the People

Neil Gaiman in The New Yorker. I need to read American Gods and a few other things obviously. Why is the Gaiman family's relationship to Scientology repeatedly removed from Gaiman's Wikipedia page?

Comics, science fiction, and fantasy conventions are nowadays something of a hardship for Gaiman—“like being a maggoty log at a woodpecker convention,” he says. A few years ago, he was at a convention with Angelina Jolie, who played Grendel’s mother in the movie “Beowulf,” for which Gaiman co-wrote the screenplay. “When I try to explain that I attracted more attention than she did, people say, ‘Oh, ho, he’s being funny.’ I’m not.” At Worldcon, the international science-fiction convention, where he was the guest of honor in August, people walked around wearing pins that read “Neil Gaiman! Squeeeeeee!”—an expression of hysterical enthusiasm. One woman, when he asked to borrow her program for a moment so that he could see where he needed to be next, crowed, “He’s getting eye tracks all over my program!

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Anonymous said...

Gaiman removes entires himself in a lame attempt to control the dialogue.

The Gaiman Family USA are listed as Patrons and a Founding Patrons of Scientology in recent donation lists (2004 & 2006). The UK Gaiman family are listed separately as are Neil Gaiman's sister. According to ex scientologist Jon Attack, Patrons (are) the highest ranking membership - of the International Association of Scientologists. Founding Patrons (those who became Patrons by the IAS 20th Anniversary (October/November 2004) have donated US $40,000 and committed themselves to lifelong devotion to the cult. Patrons with Honors have donated US $100,000.

2003: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact magazine #105 Patrons ($100,000.00) You will find them listed in CAPS because they are Patrons with Honors ($100,000.00)

2004: Impact #109 G & G Foods Patrons ($40,000.00)

2004: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact Magazine #109 Founding Patrons ($100,000.00)[circa September 2004 ]:Founding Patrons are those who became Patrons by the IAS 20th Anniversary (October/November 2004).

The following list appears in Impact 114 [ circa September 2006 ]:

2006: Impact #114 G & G Food Supplies Patrons ($40,000.00)

2006: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact magazine #114 Patrons ($100,000.00) You will find them listed in CAPS because they are Patrons with Honors ($100,000.00)

2006: Impact magazine #114 DAVID & SHEILA GAIMAN UK Silver Meritorious ($750,000.00)

Neil Gaiman also sent his children to the infamous Greenfields Scientology School in East Grinstead.

Greenfields | Brainwashing Scientology School | Independent Day and Boarding School | Forest Row, England

Most recently, somebody leaked photos of Gaiman at Wealden House in East Grinstead.... he seems happy as a CLAM.


The Gaiman Faimly are Scientology elite who have collectively donated millions of dollars to the CULT and have unfortunetely created a revenue stream for Scientology through G&G Vitamins.