Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick reaction to Spoon's Transference

If you discovered Spoon a couple of years ago due to their song "The Underdog," then I think Transference will knock you back a bit. It's a reserved, slightly nervous set of songs that could be the soundtrack for a movie that Wes Anderson hasn't made yet or some great lost classic that has fallen through a time warp from the New Wave late-'70s. I like the fact that Britt Daniel makes no concessions to the audience; there's not a chorus or female back up singer for miles and lyrics are about as cryptic as you can ask for.

How can it feel so familiar when you've never been there?/How can it seem so unreachable/You never tried to find/Never tried to find the mystery zone

Yet there's something undeniably right about this album; I can hear "Who Makes Your Money" in the trailer for Wall Street 2 right now and I can hear Daniel's heart beating on the closing track "Nobody Gets Me But You," which is probably the warmest track on the album. If I'm not as bubbly about Transference as I was about Vampire Weekend, don't confuse my reserve with lack of enthusiasm. It's merely my appreciation for Britt Daniel doing his own thing and an acknowledgment that Transference is good enough not to give up all its mysteries the first time around.

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