Thursday, January 21, 2010

What the GOP shouldn't do

Will the GOP take the right lessons from Scott Brown's victory? (Plain Blog)

What is likely to happen is that Republicans will overinterpret this election as further confirmation that their rejectionist strategy is a winner. I continue to be unconvinced. While I agree with John Sides that it's a mistake to try to interpret this particular election beyond what our very limited evidence can suggest, would send readers to John Sides for more careful analysis of this specific election, the bottom line, to me, is that Obama and the Democrats are suffering above all from a terrible economy. Obama, at the end of a full year of his presidency, is at 50% approval. Would he be doing significantly better if the economy was the same, but Republicans had dropped their over-the-top rhetoric about death panels, the dangers of trials for terrorists, ACORN, and the rest of it? I very much doubt it.

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