Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not "edgy" enough

The writer/director (for now) of the in-the-offing Fraggle Rock movie has a few things to say about The Weinstein Company's treatment of his project. Has the studio ever seen the source material? (Cory's Curiosities)

"EDGY." That's the note. That's what they are trying to do to the Fraggle Rock movie. EDGE it up! Let me say right now that "edgy" is one of my least favorite words. Since my earliest days in the client video business, "edgy" has been a sign of someone who doesn't know what they want. Not only is "edgy" a nebulous, abstract word that means something different to everyone, but it chases the immediate whims of pop culture. WHAT is edgy?? Faster edits? Rock music for the score? Boober wearing some gangsta bling? I have no idea. What I DO know is that the word "edgy" should not be anywhere near this movie.

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