Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is why....

....I love the Internet. A minor celebrity - Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation - can (I'm assuming) get drunk and create this, and then use her Twitter feed to draw attention to it. Plaza's meta-fangirl absurdity is just one element of the "conversation" that Roger Ebert writes about more seriously in his homage to Twitter. I have a feeling that every one of these Twitterers that Ebert mentions is worth reading.

There are millions of Tweeters, or Twits, as I prefer to think of us, and no doubt many of them are bores. Try reading the real-time stream if you dare. Those I follow give value for time. I'll get a retweet from someone, and if I like it, I'll go to that person's Twitter page and scan 20-30 Tweets and make a judgment call. Some of my discoveries may only have a dozen followers, but I have a sixth sense.

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