Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Throwing Her Weight

NP is the biggest star in the cast of Thor 2, and she reportedly put her status on the line by influencing Marvel's decision to hire Patty Jenkins as director. Now that Jenkins has exited the project, not of her own desires, Portman isn't pleased. (MTV)
At the root of the problem, allegedly, is that Portman herself brought Jenkins into the Marvel fold. THR reports that the "Black Swan" winner was considering severing her ties from Hollywood for a time to focus on her newborn son, but helped bring Jenkins to "Thor" and was "proud that she would have played a role in opening the door for a woman to direct a [comic book] film." With Jenkins out, Portman is still contractually obligated to appear in "Thor 2," states THR, and Marvel is reportedly "working overtime to smooth over the situation by including [Portman] in discussions about whom to hire as a replacement."

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