Friday, January 13, 2012

Margaret and the world

Kenneth Lonergan on the origins and ambitions of critics' darling Margaret.
"Margaret," which was filmed in 2005, was Lonergan's sophomore effort following 2000's "You Can Count on Me." He says his learning curve on his debut was "perpendicular" and that he was very much learning on the job, developing visual ideas during discussions with his cinematographer, etc. This time around, though, he developed those ideas early on, including that notion of a vast metropolis going on about its business as a central character fights against the grain to see justice served. "I wanted her to be just one person in the whole city," he says, "no matter what was going on with her. Where I'm standing now, there must be 50,000 people within a five-minute walk, and I was interested in the idea of, with a camera, trying to convey that whatever you're doing, you're surrounded by people doing things that are either much more important or much less important.

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