Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Money on the Table

I'm a bit of conspiracy theorist regarding Bridesmaids, a film everybody in America seems to have enjoyed more than I did. Given the relative Hollywood statures of Producer Judd Apatow and cowriter/star Kristen Wiig it just seems that the film had to become more Apatow's than Wiig's at some point, and while I have no real evidence to support this theory I'll always wonder if the Bridesmaids we got was the one Wiig wanted to make. It's pleasant and surprising to hear that Wiig won't be involved in a Bridesmaids sequel, and I certainly agree one isn't needed. Wiig is brave to walk away from a franchise to pursue other projects; it's the kind of choice that may cost something in the short run but wind up being better for both the artist and her audience. (Alyssa Rosenberg)
We don’t need 50 movies where the jokes is that Melissa McCarthy is fat and crude and sexually aggressive in exactly the same way. What we need is for Kristen Wiig to go off and become the kind of star who can turn a bunch of different movies into hits. And we need the same thing for Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph and Alison Brie and a bunch of other insanely talented, gorgeous women. Franchises are a good thing, they provide reliable paychecks to working actors, but they’re also a way of sticking people in silos.

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