Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Music: Foo Fighters - "This Is A Call"

According to a new biography written with his cooperation, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana may be the happiest guy in rock. (NYT)
That happy kid still seems to be part of Grohl’s persona. When he gushes about the tour van being like “a traveling treehouse,” he sounds like Huck Finn setting out down the Mississippi on his raft. And when Grohl gets his first big check for his work with Nirvana, he buys himself a BB gun because he didn’t have one as a child. Nirvana’s overnight rise from obscurity to international stardom, and its violent end with the suicide of the ­singer-­guitarist Kurt Cobain in 1994, tested Grohl’s sanguine outlook during what he later called “a tornado of insanity.” Lost for a while after Cobain’s death, he distracted himself by making a 15-song tape, playing all the instruments and doing the vocals himself. When record companies heard the tape and started calling, Grohl recruited three other musicians and formed the Foo Fighters; last year their seventh studio album, “Wasting Light,” entered the Billboard chart at No. 1.

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