Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Music: Wild Flag - "Romance"

The writer of this short NYT piece on musician/actress Carrie Brownstein is taking heat for the "pixie rocker" line, but the portrait of the busy Brownstein that emerges is one of a woman with a lot of art to make. Here's Brownstein in action at SXSW.
Nearly everyone in Brownstein’s life counseled her against starting a TV show and a band in the same year. But Brownstein now describes the decision to pursue both as “the most sane thing I’ve done in a long time.” “Portlandia” and Wild Flag are complementary, in a yin-yang way: rigid and rowdy; scripted and free. When performing music onstage, Brownstein says, the rules don’t exist. “All the parts of ourselves that need to be contained or put in check or regulated in our day-to-day lives all fall by the wayside. You can go to places that are dark or even dangerous or bizarre and hopefully find a little grace.”


Anonymous said...

This bog is such a suck up to hipsters it's getting sick.

Anonymous said...

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