Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bring Back the '90s

What Copper Blue sounds like now. Bob Mould in concert. (Spin/HTV)
Like Hüsker Dü did in 1987 for its double-LP Warehouse: Songs and Stories, he and his band played the disc with minimal pauses; a heartbeat after Wurster grabbed his crash cymbal for the abrupt ending of relatively restrained album opener "The Act We Act," the threesome plunged into the underwater murder tale "That's a Good Idea," which lead into the warmer but still anguished "Changes." One moment he'd be beaming like giddy schoolboy, the next he resembled an angry Amish. Before "The Slim," he swapped one Fender for another with alternate tuning, and the pause set up the album's emotional crux. Unlike the other songs, which he played exactly as written except for some "da-da-dah"s that substituted for guitar overdubs, this one started significantly slower and quieter, and then gradually built until it hit its familiar tempo while going way beyond its recorded intensity. Written when AIDS was almost always a death sentence, it's always been about a man watching his lover die from HIV and wondering when the virus will also claim him. But before a crowd that's endured similar losses, it here took on the power of collective mourning.

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