Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dept. of The Deep Archives

Today I found this year-old post that celebrates the Buffalo Tom song "For All to See", a rarity off of the No Alternative compilation. I remember the song well, though I'd already become a fan (never saw them live, alas) thanks to the Big Red Letter Day album. Still, there's something about this song....this post does a good job of explaining what's great about "For All To See" while admitting that it's really not something that can be put into words. Art in a nutshell. Enjoy. (....and how great was the No Alternative compilation?)
“For All To See” is exactly what I wanted to see from them as a single, and what is a guaranteed million-seller compilation but the biggest opportunity to release a single (that isn’t really a single) ever? Thank god they didn’t use another ballad here—I would have been tearing my hair out. No, the only reason I ever found “For All To See” frustrating was because it wasn’t ever included on an album of theirs (at least not until the B-sides compilation Besides, which was released in 2002, long after the fact), so I had to dig out a comp cassette to listen to one song. And that’s kind of ridiculous, I know, because that whole tape was awesome. Did I not want to hear the Matthew Sweet song, or the Urge Overkill song, or the Pavement or Uncle Tupelo songs (those last two in particular were incredible, by the way, and neither of them ever made it to an album either)? Well, I mean, intellectually, I knew I should. But once I heard “For All To See,” all I wanted to do was listen to more Buffalo Tom. It was a frustrating song that way—an extremely tough act to follow.

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