Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Music: Glen Hansard - "Love Don't Leave Me Waiting"

A track from Hansard's new solo album Rhythm and Repose. To read what the former Once has been up to go here, and to see an example of what he can do live check this out.
THE audience at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in SoHo might well have expected Glen Hansard to open his recent show there with a song from “Once,” the Broadway show built around his songs that had won eight Tonys just two days earlier. Or maybe something from his first solo album, “Rhythm and Repose,” which was about to be released. But Mr. Hansard, 42, had different plans. He was scribbling furiously on scrap paper in the greenroom just before he went on. When he bounded onstage, he said, “I’m going to start with a song I just finished right downstairs.” Then he sang an aching, a cappella melody:

We’re all bound by certain forces

The same as anyone

Step out of the shadows, little one

There’s a hurricane a-blowing A will that will be done

Step out of the shadows, little one.

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