Monday, January 21, 2013

2013: Upstream Color

Shane Carruth's first film since Primer is at Sundance and it sounds as though Carruth hasn't softened himself for mass consumption. I'm just reading reviews, but is does anyone else think there's a strong Sundance crop this year? (Playlist)
Clearly in an amorphous gestating status over the last several years is his latest bewitching curio, "Upstream Color," a film so bewilderingly mysterious ("Primer" is more conventional in comparison), you will awaken 95 minutes later feeling like you've been incepted. And some might dislike the discomforting feeling of not being quite able to process or find the narrative floor beneath the elusive experience. Disorienting side effects may occur. Results may vary. Some will feel like they've been ethered in the dentist's chair and woken up with no one in the room and their pants around their ankles. "Upstream Color" is almost like a sci-fi thriller without possessing either genre trait. In truth it's more of an opaque identity and relationship story that takes its time to unfurl without feeling the need to connect its cellular tissues. "Upstream Color" is an exploration of themes and abstractions rather than a concrete narrative, but it's also like a puzzle box with all the pieces laying at your feet. You may not be able to figure it out, but that's part of the point of this experimental, sensory-landen experiential film that washes over you like a sonorous bath of beguiling visuals, ambient sounds and corporeal textures.

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