Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sorry about the the post-free week, I'm still processing both Amour and Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars. Taking a detour into the world of public health, here's an account of why we need men like the late C. Everett Koop now more than ever. (New Yorker/HTV)
Because Everett Koop, the grumpy man who dressed like a nineteenth-century preacher and wore a beard that made him look like Lincoln, was the most utterly consistent public servant I have ever seen. He simply required scientific decisions to be governed by science. People rarely asked him about that—because few believed it was possible. If they had, he would have told them what he told me when I talked to him a few years ago, for a story I wrote about the George W. Bush Administration’s many attempts to bend scientific facts to fit its political vantage point. “You have to separate moral questions from the questions of science,” he told me at the time.

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