Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In Development

Is A Topiary among the greatest films we'll never see? Judge for yourself after reading this piece about what Upstream Color director Shane Carruth has been up to for the last decade. (Wired/Kottke)
Carruth knows Upstream isn’t some four-quadrant crowd-pleaser. But he needs it to be at least modestly successful, however one defines “modestly successful” for a low-budget, self-released indie movie nowadays. Carruth says he’s ready to start another film—a darker take on the maritime romance he began almost a decade earlier—but only if he can once again finance it himself. “My ability to make another film is directly connected to whatever revenue this movie generates,” he says. “It’s not like, ‘Maybe I can buy a house someday.’ It’s more like, ‘I get to make this film exactly the way it needs to be.’ ”  It is almost as if the movie already exists, as if Carruth’s role is merely to discover it. Maybe it’s what he’s been working toward this entire time. Maybe he’s just only now able to see it.

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