Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jane in flux

It's hard to know what's going on with Natalie Portman's new film Jane Got A Gun, but the abrupt departure of director Lynne Ramsay is occasion for a look at the way we discuss women directors. Michael Fassbender and Jude Law have both left the project, and the list of actors being considered to take the villainous role they left vacant is getting interesting. (photo by Robert Hanashiro)
Anyone passingly interested in this sort of industry gossip will have no doubt heard by now that, on Monday morning in Santa Fe, director Lynne Ramsay (“We Need to Talk About Kevin”) declined to appear for the first day of production on her new film “Jane Got A Gun”, allegedly abandoning the 25 million dollar project and its 150 eager crew members in the process. This decidedly minor news item, though conspicuously light on both detail and corroboration, has already proven compelling to those most predisposed to casual indignation, circulating widely after Deadline broke the exclusive and commented upon extensively and ceaselessly by the web’s vocal peanut gallery since.

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