Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mars Money

I'm as happy as anyone else to hear about plans for a Veronica Mars movie after a record-setting Kickstarter campaign, but I also agree the constant demand for more of older TV shows often says more about the people doing the demanding than the shows in question. (Veronica Mars has natural places to go with a continuation of its story, unlike Arrested Development.) This Vulture post puts it well:
Nostalgia is grasping for the impossible: You don’t want more of what you remember fondly; you want to be back at the time when you enjoyed it, which is an impossibility. Fervent campaigning for more, more, more is really a rally for time to move backward. The disappointment of the Star Wars prequels wasn’t entirely the fault of the subpar movies, it’s that adults would never be able to see them with the same wonderment that they did when they were kids and played Luke and Han in their backyards. It was fun to beg for more Indiana Jones adventures, but Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was unsettling: Old Indiana Jones? We’re old — I don’t want to be reminded of that! Make him young; make us young! Witness the mass mind-losing over Girl Meets World. Once the thrill fades of first seeing the old Boy Meets World faces reunite, will there be any reward to seeing them deliver TGIF-caliber humor? And if it suddenly becomes smart, adult comedy, wouldn’t that feel just as wrong?

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