Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Music: Chelsea Light Moving - "Frank O'Hara Hit"

If you're wondering what Thurston Moore has been up to since he and Kim Gordon separated, here's your answer. Here is a Pitchfork review of the Chelsea Light Moving debut.
Since then, Sonic Youth-- which has, for some 30 years, been the central outlet for Moore's screeching rock'n'roll id-- has drifted into an unofficial, maybe-permanent hiatus spurred by the guitarist's break-up with his wife and bandmate, Kim Gordon.

Rather than give his ears a rest, Moore, now 54, opted to start a louder, younger band. Chelsea Light Moving, named for a moving company founded by Phillip Glass that briefly employed his fellow composer, Steve Reich, is a quartet featuring guitarist Keith Wood, of Hush Arbors, and Sunburned Hand of the Man drummer John Moloney. Samara Lubelski, who's released some great, retro-leaning psych-pop solo records, plays bass.

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