Wednesday, May 08, 2013


This site will continue to be a repository for writing about the music of my formative years. Here's the story of an almost-forgotten Replacements song and what it says about the band's transition from brilliant, drunken loons to (semi-) mainstream stars. (Aquarium Drunkard)
In 1988 the Replacements headed to a studio in Woodstock, New York in an effort to record their follow up to Pleased to Meet Me. They enlisted Tony Berg as the producer and set to it. And although the band allegedly laid down an album’s worth of material, it was all scrapped as Paul Westerberg felt like the album was turning into a too-typical Replacements album. While very little of this session has been bootlegged, two of the songs did eventually end up on the 1997 collection All for Nothing/Nothing for All and again on the 2008 reissue of Don’t Tell a Soul. The best of the two, or at the bare minimum the one with the most story behind it, is “Portland.”

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