Monday, May 06, 2013

Sarah Polley talks

You can't turn around without seeing a Sarah Polley interview these days; the Canadian actress-turned-director is talking up her much-discussed documentary Stories We Tell. Here Polley talks about the making of the film and how it connects to projects past and future.
Q: That's a sentiment echoed in the Margaret Atwood quote from her book, “Alias Grace” that opens the film, saying it's “only afterwards that it becomes anything like a story at all.” That book carries a similar, “Rashomon”-type structure to “Stories We Tell.” Did one influence the other?

A: It's funny -- I actually hadn't gotten the rights to the book when I put that quote in the film, but I had been thinking about wanting to adapt "Alias Grace” into a film for a very long time, since I was 18. I've been trying to get the rights for about 15 years, and I was no closer when I put that quote in the film to getting them. You don't always consciously see the parallels in things you work on, and I think it's only just recently that I've realized some. Obviously ['Stories'] deals with the themes of going back over a series of events from different perspectives and trying to figure out what happened in the past, and wondering if that's even possible to ascertain.

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