Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Director's corner

Destin Daniel Cretton talks the acclaimed Short Term 12. I've reposted the trailer since my previous embed was taken down.
Q: One of the things I loved about the movie is the way that you can effortlessly go between tones. Like you said “laughing one minute, silent the next, crying the next. Scared.” How do you work with that?

A: I think a lot of my process is pretty mathematical. That part of it is not mathematical to me. I think it’s naturally the way that my personality and my family’s personality… like when things start to get a bit dramatic somebody will probably crack a joke. We are also not afraid to talk about very serious things, but it’s usually not done as serious. I think it’s a natural progression from that. Also a huge part of the tone is emulating the stories in a way that… interviews I had with people who worked at places like this the way that they tell these stories. In one sitting I was on the floor laughing and then crying and then devastated and filled with hope. It all felt great together, it all felt cohesive.

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